Application Micro-Segmentation

Implement granular micro-segmentation with rapid time-to-value with Enosys Solutions and Illumio.

Micro-segmentation reduces your attack surface and prevents the spread of breaches inside your data centre and cloud environments.

In recent years cybersecurity experts have realised that a “perimeter only” approach to security is not working. It has become increasingly clear that micro-segmentation is foundational to data centre and cloud security. Organisations seeking to secure the interior of their environments often need to be more dynamic and more granular than network segmentation will allow. Micro-segmentation makes this possible.

Why micro-segmentation? The perimeter doesn’t stop all bad actors from making it inside data centres and cloud environments. Regardless of how many detection technologies organisations use, something is bound to get through – a new virus, phishing emails, or a bad actor working at a company.

Micro-segmentation reduces your attack surface, frustrates intruders, can be used as a compensating control against vulnerabilities and hardens your data centre.

How Can Micro-Segmentation Improve your Security Posture?

  • Map Application Dependencies.

    Visualise relationships across your application environment to better understand risk and improve adaptive segmentation policy creation.

  • Secure Critical Applications

    Secure your most valuable applications and data in minutes versus days or weeks – within or across any data centre or public cloud.

  • Securely Move To Cloud

    Create adaptive segmentation policy that moves with your applications to any data centre or cloud infrastructure.

Stop the spread of unauthorised lateral movement with simple permission-based controls.

Secure your most valuable applications and data in minutes versus days or weeks–within or across any data centre or public cloud–with adaptive segmentation without impact or dependencies on the underlying application or network infrastructure.

Why Illumio Adaptive Security Platform?

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) helps you prevent the spread of breaches and achieve regulatory compliance through real-time application dependency mapping and adaptive micro-segmentation that works in any data centre and cloud environment (Azure, AWS, Google Compute).

Illumio is a game-changing technology to protect data centre and cloud environments.

The result? Faster time to protecting high-value applications through micro-segmentation that adapts to auto-scaling, motion, disaster recovery, and other compute changes.

If you are interested in implementing a simple, highly effective micro-segmentation to protect all critical applications, please feel free to contact us to provide you with a simple demonstration.

A structured approach using the llumio Adaptive Security Platform:

Map Application Dependencies

Highlight all application workloads and flows, creating a relational graph between components and visualizing relationships across your application environment.

Implement Granular Micro-Segmentation

Simplified policy creation that can be tied to a specific process, and adaptive segmentation that can be applied in real time down to the port level (nano-segmentation).

Secure Critical Applications

Bypass the restrictions, complexity and expense of legacy solutions. Deliver micro-segmentation that meets requirements for security and rapid ROI.

Illumio addresses challenges of separating and securing environments without impact or dependencies on existing applications and infrastructure.

Our Customers are at the centre of our solutions.

Illumio offers immense and immediate value to Australian enterprises. Enosys is actively investing in our partnership with Illumio in order to continue to deliver demonstrable value to our customers.


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