Enosys Solutions Anti-Discrimination Policy

Updated April 17, 2019

Enosys is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER and is compliant with the acts listed below.

NSW Acts

  • NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977

Commonwealth Acts

  • Racial Discrimination Act 1975
  • Sex Discrimination Act 1984
  • Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1987
  • Disability Discrimination Act 1992
  • Age Discrimination Act 2004

Enosys does not discriminate against or harass a person because of their :

  • Gender (Sex)
  • Race, colour, ethnic or ethno-religious background, descent or nationality;
  • Religion
  • Marital or domestic status;
  • Disability (including physical, intellectual, psychiatric learning or cognitive disabilities, and any virus or bacteria that can cause disease, such as HIV. It also includes any disability a person had in the past, has now, or may have in the future);
  • Sexuality (including male or female homosexuality, actual or presumed);
  • Age (including not forcing people to retire at any particular age);
  • Sexual / gender identity, e.g. Transgender (transsexual) vs cis-gender status; and
  • Carers’ responsibilities.

Enosys has a ZERO tolerance policy on any form of discrimination and allows its employees an opportunity to report discrimination to their manager, HR contact or company director. All reports will be investigated confidentially and acted upon accordingly.

Enosys has a Workplace Diversity Policy to build an inclusive workplace. Enosys has employees from every continent in the world, except Antarctica, and has a female workforce population of over 10%. All Enosys hiring managers seek to recuit resources based on ability and are reflective of the diverse community. Inclusive activities (e.g. Chinese New Year events) are held regularly to ensure Enosys becomes an employer of choice.

Employee Learning and Development

Enosys manages Learning and Development as detailed in MSP1008 Human Resource Management Policy.

The Training process involves:

  • Identifying training needs
  • Planning for identified training needs
  • Providing identified and planned trainings
  • Verifying effectiveness of training provided

Conflict of Interest Policy

Enosys manages Conflict of Interest as detailed in MSP1008 Human Resource Management Policy. An internal Conflict of Interest register is maintained. In the Employee Code of Conduct, all employees must advise any conflicts of interest (real or perceived).

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