Enosys Solutions Corporate Responsibility Policy

Updated April 17, 2019

Enosys Solutions was founded in 2011 with the goal of enhancing the cyber security market. Enosys, being independent to legacy vendors or practices, offers clients only cutting-edge, best-of-breed solutions that give them world-class security and enhance their business performance in an ever changing network, security and infrastructure environment with strong technical expertise and cross industry know-how. Enosys provides professional services, software licensing, hardware, security and related IT services where applications meet networks. Our clients are corporate and public sector organisations. Our team members are highly-skilled, knowledgeable and committed to clients’ success Enosys is based in Australia with offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Enosys is committed to :

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Direct Philanthropic Giving (Community)
  • Ethical Business Practises
  • Economic Responsibility

Environmental Policy

  • Conducting operations in accordance with the environmental legislations, regulations and other applicable requirements.
  • Improving the environmental performance of operations by identifying and managing risks and by monitoring improvements in Energy Usage and Waste Management (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)
  • Minimising pollution and adverse environmental impact.
  • Informing customers of the aims and communicating with the community and organizations on potential environmental impact of the activities.
  • Encouraging employees, subcontractors to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and adhere to our environmental policies. Enosys is committed to continual improvement of environmental policies, planning, operations, objectives and targets.

Direct Philanthropic Giving (Community)

Enosys directly supports many charities (e.g. Red Cross). Enosys also encourages and sponsors its employees to take part in charitable causes (e.g. MS Gong Bike Ride). Enosys recognises the traditional owners of Australia and is in the process of developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Ethical Business Practises

Enosys will :

  • Comply with Rules, Regulations and Legal Requirements
  • Comply with Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Report Suspected Corrupt Conduct
  • Report Gifts, Favours, Entertainment
  • Prevent Fraud and Corruption
  • Minimise Waste
  • Report Conflict of Interest
  • Act as a good Corporate Citizen

Economic Responsibility

Enosys is committed to creating economic value for our clients, communities and society in general. Enosys collaborates with clients to provide solutions that solve their business challenges and achieve their financial goals.

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