Enosys Solutions Supplier Code of Conduct

Updated April 17, 2019

All Enosys suppliers must adhere to Supplier Code of Conduct. This is part of the Masters Services Agreement that is signed by both parties.

Each supplier MUST :

  • Comply with Rules, Regulations and Legal Requirements
  • Comply with Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Report Suspected Corrupt Conduct Report Gifts, Favours, Entertainment
  • Prevent Fraud and Corruption
  • Minimise Waste
  • Report Conflict of Interest
  • Act as a good Corporate Citizen

Modern Slavery Statement

Enosys is compliant to the NSW Modern Slavery Act 2018 and aims to ensure that the company and its business partners operate with respect for human rights.

Enosys Supply Chain

Enosys works with over 100+ suppliers. Each supplier has signed a Master Services Agreement to interact with Enosys. Over 90% of Enosys total spend was with 5 suppliers. These 5 suppliers are Australian based or have Australian based subsidiaries and are considered low-risk.

Enosys reviews its top 10 suppliers on a yearly basis including a risk assessment. This will be to ensure that any service or product supplied has not impacted anyone's human rights.

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