Co-Managed Services

All our customers face increasing challenges around tightening balance sheets, reducing headcount, year-year reduction of IT budgets yet also need to manage expectations from their users in providing high availability and responsiveness for existing services and demands to support new business transformations and initiatives.

Service Features:

Australian-owned, Australia-based: Our SOC and data centres are all located in Australia. We are one of the only full-service MSSP’s whose entire operation is onshore.

We deliver a superior quality of service: Many organisations say they operate to an ISO standard, but few actually complete the audit process. We have and this means what you will get from us is consistent results from quality processes that are continually refined to best meet your needs.

Fully Managed or Co-Managed Operations: Enosys provides a comprehensive security services catalogue. Equally we blend our people, processes and tools into your existing infosec operations allowing you to decide which processes you keep in house and which ones you elect to work with us.

Why use us?

We design services based on security outcomes: Many customers we speak to have an in-house SIEM solution but lack the skills to optimise the platform and to respond to the daily security events triggered. Other customers currently utilise a generic MSSP service with standard triggers that do not match the operations of their organisation. Enosys designs and delivers managed security services tailored to your unique security use-cases.

We blur the lines between traditional security event management and incident response: Utilising our next-generation technology platform and playbook templates, Enosys has the processes and tools to be able to respond to security events beyond traditional event notification including incident response and remediation.

Our services