Certified Professional Services for Palo Alto Networks

What we do

Stateful Rule Conversion: Establish secure access policies that utilise complete visibility of applications, users and content to enable contextual use-cases.

Encrypted Traffic Control: Configure SSL and SSH decryption and inspection policies to ensure encrypted traffic is not concealing dangerous activity or content.

Secure Proxy Migration: Apply inline access controls for all network applications, irrespective of port, protocol, evasive tactic or SSL encryption.

Intrusion Tuning: Fine tune alerts, filters and blocks to maximise protection, minimise false positives and produce timely and actionable threat intelligence.

Health-Check Audit: Proactive assessment of your solutions design and configuration to ensure it is fully optimised and aligned to your network security goals.

Why use us?

Save time, Reduce Risk.
Leveraging our expertise will achieve full solution implementation sooner, avoiding pitfalls and preparing you to effectively manage the system.

Minimise Disruption.
Hindsight is a benefit of our experience which enables us to mitigate many implementation disruptions that may otherwise be overlooked.

Get more Value, Faster.
Our network security specialists help match system capabilities with your business needs, unlocking the greatest value for your investment.

Who we are.

Proven and Respected: We were awarded Partner of the Year in 2014 and 2015 by Palo Alto Networks in acknowledgement of our numerous successes delivering managed, un-managed, and co-managed enterprise security solutions.

Certified and Authorised: As the first Palo Alto Networks Certified Professional Services Provider (CPSP) in APAC and Authorised Support Center (ASC), Palo Alto Networks and our customers rely on us to provide implementation and support services.

Trained and Experienced: Our architects and engineers have over 500 days’ cumulative experience delivering Palo Alto Networks solutions and hold Accredited Configuration Engineer (ACE) as well as Certified Network Security Engineer (CNSE) certifications.

Our services